Engineers love Windows 11 (Microsoft says)


They love it. They really do.

Screenshot by ZDNet

The world seems to be coming to terms with Windows 11.

The kind of terms that go with terms and make you agree to them.

Windows 11 looks nicer than Windows 10, and despite some rough patches, relative calm has descended on the Windows firmament.

This is not enough for Microsoft. It obviously wants you to feel love.

Windows, it says, brings you closer to the things you love. Despite really trying, I haven’t been able to grasp what this means.

Microsoft has tried several communication iterations. They have all left me stunned.

So now Redmond is trying the really big sale. An ad was just released stating that engineers love Windows 11. Well, two engineers. Well, two engineers who are twins and somewhat popular on TikTok.

Malik and Miles are both MIT students who enjoy over 60,000 followers on the former dance app. Their goal, they say, is to do a PhD in Biological Engineering.

However, their inner joy is to interact with Windows 11.

They are a fascinating couple. They get into the ad by explaining that they are scientists, they are engineers and they dance. That’s an intoxicating mix that I wish I could get closer to.

What role, you may ask, does Windows 11 play? Does it help them create better, faster science? Does it help them find superior technical solutions?

In a way.

“One of the biggest features I use,” Miles says, “is multiple desktops. Just swiping the screen takes me from student to gamer.”

Members of MIT’s philosophy department may wonder why you can’t be a student and gamer at the same time. They will point out that you are studying on your laptop while playing a game on your phone. Or vice versa.

Of course I don’t suffer from such pedantry.

But what about Malik? Well, he loves Snap Assist, which allows him to use all his important applications at once.

It’s hard to ask two big brains to sum up in a few words why they love Windows 11, even if they get paid.

However, these two engineers are pursuing a noble goal. If they insist that Windows 11 help them be TikToking mentors to young aspiring scientists, then I support their sincerity. (As if they themselves are that old.)

Especially since commenters on their TikTok channel have already seen this ad and have shown unchecked enthusiasm.

Example: “This is why my parents gave me TikTok.” Good job, young man. You learned how to scam your parents.

Finally, Microsoft has found a way to express a little bit of the joy of Windows 11 by showing that engineers can be fun people.

This represents progress, in so many ways.

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