Emu Named Karen That Wont Stop Charging at Farmer Takes Internet by Storm

An emu fittingly named Karen that just can’t stop charging at its owner has gripped the internet, finding it both hilarious and simultaneously fearing it.

Karen the emu was rescued from a zoo and now lives at the “Useless Farm” in Ontario—a place where each animal has no job and is simply there to live its life. “Everything on our farm is just here to live the rest of their life in relative peace,” owner Amanda told Global News.

Despite being offered a whole better way of life in the form of the farm, Karen is far from a ray of sunshine, and that’s exactly why the internet is so fascinated with her.

Karen regularly goes viral for charging full-speed at Amanda, for absolutely no reason.

“Useless Farm” on TikTok currently has 3.6 million followers, and Karen, who Amanda describes as a “absolute b***h” who hates her “with every fiber of her being” regularly racks up views in the millions for the intimidating videos .

“Karen, our emu is absolutely miserable, and we named Karen before Karen was even a thing so I don’t know if I manifested that,” Amanda told Global News.

In the posts, Karen strongly charges towards Amanda, stopped only when she puts her hand out in time. On some occasions though, simply holding it out far away is enough to stop Karen in her tracks, as if by magic.

“She’s definitely getting worse, but this is her cardio,” Amanda said in a recent video. “Who am I to stand in the way of Karen’s self care,” she joked.

Just this week, she shared images from a year ago of times when Karen really did manage to reach her, or “signed her work” as she called it, showing Amanda with cuts and bruises over her face and arm. The video can be seen in full here.

In another video, Amanda said Karen attempted to karate kick her, only to slip in her own waste. “She’s perfectly fine, except for her own ego,” she confirmed, before being charged at once more.

Karen doesn’t neccesarily have fans, she simply has those who live in fear—if you can’t make someone love you, make them fear you.

“Ngl karen would scare the living daylights out of me. I would run like I’ve never ran before,” commented one user.

“Yeah not to be dramatic but I’m terrified of Karen,” added another.

Karen lives at the “Useless Farm” with another emu named Stanley who couldn’t be more different as the “sweetest angel who’s ever existed.” They also live with chickens and alpacas, including Pete who has “terrible anxiety” and Mike, who is “absolutely simple.”

“The reason I started doing social media was really, there was so many funny, really obscure things that happened here and so I wanted to share that with people, I wanted people to laugh and smile at these things like i do,” Amanda summarized to Global News.

“The reaction from people online has been so amazing.”

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