Elon Musk’s lawyer: Twitter employees aren’t personally at risk over its liabilities to the FTC

Elon — questions have arisen today regarding the consent decree in effect at the time you took over the company.

We have our first upcoming compliance check with the FTC since taking over and we will handle it.

The only party to the decree is Twitter — not individuals who work at Twitter. It is Twitter itself (not individual employees) who is a party and therefore only Twitter the company that could be liable.

I understand that there have been employees at Twitter who do not even work on the FTC matter commenting that they could [go] to jail if we were not in compliance — that is simply not how this works. It is the company’s obligation. It is the company’s burden. It is the company’s liability.

We spoke to the FTC today about our continuing obligations and have a constructive ongoing dialogue.

We will of course remain in compliance with the consent decree and the legal department is handling it and happy to answer any questions.



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