Elon Musk announces Tesla AI Day on August 19

Elon Musk announces a date, August 19, for Tesla AI Day, an event to share the automaker’s progress in software and hardware development related to artificial intelligence.

The CEO aims to use the event as a recruiting platform for Tesla’s AI team.

In recent years, Tesla has started to organize events, not really to unveil new products, but to showcase new technologies that it is working on in certain areas.

For example, he held a “Tesla Autonomy Day“back in 2019 and a”Tesla Battery Day” Last year.

Last month, CEO Elon Musk announced that Tesla will be hosting a new event called “Tesla AI Day”:

“Consider holding Tesla AI Day in about a month. Will review progress with Tesla AI software and hardware, both training and inference. The goal is to recruit.

Today, Musk confirmed that Tesla is planning to host the event on August 19:

The CEO reiterated that the goal will be to recruit talent in AI. Musk added, “Getting top AI talent to join Tesla is the only goal. “

Therefore, we can expect that the presentation will not be easily accessible to the general public and aimed at those who are already familiar with the field of AI.

Tesla’s AI team is led by Andrej Karpathy, who often gives presentations at AI conferences. We should expect him to make an appearance on Tesla’s AI Day.

The automaker already has a full roster of specialists in machine learning, computer vision and neural networks, but recruiting is extremely competitive in these areas.

Tesla hopes to differentiate itself by showing talent that their contributions can quickly lead to real-world applications of AI in Tesla products.

On the software side, Tesla is expected to release updates on its efforts to develop neural networks to power its computer vision system.

On the material level, Tesla should take stock of its supercomputer program, which will lead to Tesla Dojo, a future supercomputer optimized for training neural networks.

While the focus should be on autonomous driving, Tesla could also discuss other applications of AI in its products and operations.

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