Elden Ring speedrunner beats the game in under 20 minutes

Soulsborne games have long inspired speedrunners to find new, inventive ways to beat them as quickly as possible. Ring of Elden is no exception, and speedrunners have found ever-faster ways to victory. Streamer Distortion2 is one such runner, who posted on YouTube what appears to be a sub-19 minute run of the massive and challenging game.

This is an Any% race, which means glitches and other tricks are fair play. The 18:57 speedrun was made on the game’s old 1.02 patch which allows “use of force to quit and ‘zipper’ issue,” Distortion2 wrote in the comments section of the YouTube video . (This includes, for example, the “Volcano Warp” which allows the player to travel to Volcano Manor, a later location.)

Distortion2 uses a combination of feats and pure skills during their run. They jump from the edge of cliffs until they die, before sliding to other places. Once there, they traverse ledges and shortcuts using expert platforming, as well as past mobs to loot specific items and pick up upgrades. Before this new record, it took the runner 15 hours of attempts and “countless failed runs,” Distortion2 wrote in the commentary, to finally reach this one.

Since the game’s release, racers have found new ways to beat the game in record time. Just two weeks ago, Distortion2 released a sub-30 minute speedrun. The game has only been out for a little over a month – surely many more types of speedruns are still to come.

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