Elden Ring Patch makes Radahn Boss harder after accidental nerf

Elden Ring's Radahn is preparing to kick some players' ass after being repaired at full power.

Picture: From software

One of Ring of EldenThe toughest bosses are even tougher. FromSoftware released a small patch overnight to improve Starscourge Radahn post-game patch 1.03 massive accidentally weakened some of the demigod’s attacks. Some Ring of Elden players are already rejoicing, because if there’s one thing they love, it’s being ruthlessly trampled.

The unofficial patron of Redmane Castle, Starsbane Radahn bombards you with arrows, multi-hit combos, and a range of gravitational energy attacks to punish greed and carelessness. He has already become a legendary same within the Ring of Elden community to be at the same time surprising and completely bullshit. If you faced it between March 17 and yesterday, however, you didn’t face it in full thanks to a mysterious bug. Patch 1.03.3, which went live on April 4 on console and PC, fixes this.

“Fixed a bug in the balance adjustment of the boss ‘Starscourge Radahn’ in update 1.03, in which the power of certain attacks was unintentionally reduced”, the note reads.

Although FromSoftware’s patch notes remain vague, players were able to choose some changes to Radahn shortly after the initial release of Update 1.03. Notably, melee damage and some other attacks seemed reduced, and his hitboxes for connecting to attacks were also smaller. Not anymore.

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There are a few unique aspects to Radahn’s combat, the main one being that a group of famous warriors from the game’s fictional universe are called upon to fight alongside you. This helps distract Radahn so players sneak through damage without immediately getting crushed. It also means that Radahn is designed to take on an entire team. There are also classic Souls moments like how he vanishes into thin air in the middle of combat only to come back down to earth moments later raining down death and destruction.

But due to the accidental nerf, many players have recently beaten Radahn without realizing they received an extra helping hand. “I beat him on 2nd down in the first game…didn’t know he was nervous…thought I was lucky,” one player wrote on the Ring of Elden subreddit. “I beat it on my third attempt, didn’t know that either lol,” wrote another.

Some players considered Radahn way too easy, especially in the second games. “40 years from now: ‘Gather together, grandchildren, and hear the tale of my epic duel with the pre-nerf Radahn, the Scourge of the Stars'” joked shortly after the discovery of the nerve. Now, whether they like it or not, everyone can bask in the glory of Radahn’s beating as it was apparently intended.

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