Elden Ring Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Its Open World

The first look at today’s gameplay for Elden Ring, the long-awaited title from FromSoftware, is all-encompassing. The developer’s 19-minute video details everything in the game, including the random encounters players can expect to see, new gameplay mechanics such as crafting and stealth, and the changes that have come with players being able to create a ‚Äčto jump a little when they want.

Elden Ring takes place in The Lands Between, which is about all we got during today’s presentation about the game’s story or setting. It’s not clear why players are going on an adventure through the strange cursed land or what their goal is. Like the Dark Souls games, Elden Ring‘s story can be told through item descriptions. However, just like a Dark Souls game, there are places all over the world where players can rest at so-called sites of grace. Lights from the sky point to these sites, giving players a beacon to turn to when they need a break from the action.

The Land Between in Elden Ring.

Elden RingThe biggest difference to all other games from From Software is that it is a completely open world. Players can summon a spectral horse and ride through The Lands Between, meet NPCs, or participate in random encounters. One of those encounters shown today was a dragon darting in and attacking the player as they passed a patrol of enemies.

Players can also ambush enemy convoys and steal treasures from the carriages they carry. In today’s video, the player has accomplished this by sneaking up on enemies and stunning them with a heavy attack before taking them down. Similarly, players can prepare for battle by crafting useful items, including arrows, from the materials they find around the world.

When approaching enemies or the game’s dungeons, players are also not bound by the same restrictions of other Souls-style games. Movement in Elden Ring seems to be a mix of Dark Souls and Bloodborne, with quick dodges available in combat and fast, high jumps that can be performed at any time. Giving players the ability to jump without needing a run-up has apparently also influenced the design of the game’s dungeons. Players can take multiple routes through Elden Ringdungeons by climbing over rooftops or into open windows.

Not everything in Elden Ring however, is different from FromSoftware’s previous games. Players can still summon other players to play together or invade others to ruin someone’s day.

Elden Ring launches on February 25, 2022 for PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Anyone who wants to try the game early can sign up for a Closed Network Test next week.

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