Dyson, Neato, eufy deals appear in Woot! Things that Suck sale

Aside from the catchy headline, Amazon-owned Woot!’s “Things that Suck sale” has a range of interesting deals on standard and robot vacuums. 

Vacuums are necessary items to maintain a clean and tidy home, but many of us are turning to more modern, robot versions to take some of the household chores off our plates. Vendors including Roomba, Neato, iRobot, Samsung, and eufy all have developed robot vacuum product lines, featuring everything from smart mapping technology for learning your home’s layout to mobile connectivity, pet hair suction, self-emptying bags, mops, and more. 

If you’re in the market for a new vacuum this summer, you should check out Woot!’s sale. The company is offering up to 60% on a range of vacuums — both robotic and traditional — and our top picks are listed below.


  • Current Price: $119
  • Original Price: $299

eufy’s BoostIQ RoboVac is an affordable option for entering the world of smart vacuums. Now on sale for $119, 60% off its typical list price, the vacuum is an attractive product for users who want a device able to loosen, extract, and wipe out dirt across floors, connect to Wi-Fi for remote control, and quietly clean your home without disturbing you. The vacuum has a three-point cleaning system with 1500Pa of suction. 


For an even cheaper robot vacuum, Woot! has a limited stock of refurbished Neato D80s. Coming in at only $79, the bargain robot includes mapping and navigation technology, reasonable suction power, and simple stop-and-start functions. The vacuum will also send itself back to its charging station when its battery life starts running low — but it does not contain the smart, connected features of premium robot vacuums. 


  • Current Price: $289
  • Original Price: $449

Woot! also has options for customers who want to stick to traditional vacuums. These include the corded Dyson ball multi floor origin upright vacuum, currently on sale for 35% off its typical list price. Now available for $289, this upright vacuum, in fuchsia, automatically adjusts depending on the area being cleaned and includes HEPA filtration to reduce dust and other particles that could trigger allergies. 

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