Drone captures boiling sea phenomenon in Scotland, causing waves on the internet

A strange sea phenomenon that recently occurred in Scotland has left everyone on the internet scratching their heads. A drone enthusiast captured on camera what looked like a sea eruption with the water boiling angrily.

While the creepy images were shot on Halloween and it makes for a pretty scary story, it’s not a fabrication. It all happened on the west coast of Scotland, in South Ayrshire, near Lendalfoot and it made the local headlines.

The man who filmed the strange-looking vortex is Paul Young, a 46-year-old accountant from Girvan who is passionate about drones and who happened to be flying his device in the area at the time.

After about an hour circling the area with his drone, snapping photos, recording and monitoring the swirling water, Young posted his photos and video to social media, asking for others’ opinions on the phenomenon. . Many explanations were given, with some arguing that the bubbling water is caused by a burst pipe, methane leaks and even possible explosives, as the area is known for a large number of old bombs.

None of the above has been confirmed and the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) and Scottish Water have been notified of the anomaly.

According to the SEPA, as reported by Metro, the phenomenon was caused by recent heavy rainfall mixed with wastewater discharged into the sea. The place where the bubbling water was spotted is close to a garbage dump.

And while we’re on the subject of strange looking things in the water, you might remember the scorching water in the Gulf of Mexico, another strange phenomenon that went viral this summer. That took place next to an oil rig belonging to the Mexican state oil company Pemex.

Videos on the internet showed the water boiling furiously with an eye-shaped area in flames, right in the middle. It was a familiar sight to Lord of the Rings fans who can see a distinct resemblance to the eye of Sauron, the worst character in the franchise, who ruled the land of Mordor.

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