Drew Brees brings Surge Entertainment to Bossier | national

BOSSIER CITY, La. — Drew Brees has provided entertainment on the football field for years, but now he’s doing it in a different venue with Surge Entertainment.

“We have a huge arcade with a ton of interactive and virtual reality games, we have a ropes course, we have rock climbing elements. We have bowling, we have sports simulators, we have laser tag and really a ton of fun for the whole family,” Brees said.

With locations throughout the Southeast, Brees says the largest is in Bossier City.

“It’s 60,000 square feet of so much fun for kids of all ages, all families. Adults too. That’s what we’ve continued to do is try to fit in as much entertainment as possible. for the whole family.”

A young fan named Houston said, “You should come here because it’s really amazing and you have everything.”

His father, Saul, added: “I wish I had it when I was younger. It’s a cool place…It’s more games, but it’s something that will keep them active. “

The Saints legend and future Hall of Famer hopes to bring smiles for years to come.

“Yeah, I have four kids myself. They’re 13, 11, 9, and 7, so this is probably their favorite place. So honestly, if you talk about the inspiration for building our Surge entertainment is like we think about our kids and what would they like to do What do we like to do as a family And we create it so others can come along enjoy too.

The venue is located at the Pierre Bossier shopping center and should open to the public soon.


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