Doug Aitken “Open” Virtual Reality Exhibition Art

Doug Aitken recently unveiled his first virtual reality experience with a multi-gallery exhibition titled “Open” at New York’s 303 Gallery, Galerie Eva Presenhuber in Zürich, along with Regen Projects in Los Angeles and Victoria Miro in London.

For an artist who dabbles in so many different mediums — from film and installations, photography and architecture — it becomes increasingly difficult to categorize Aitken’s work. “Open” continues on this boundless exploration — opening new dialogues to viewers through a series of real and digital artworks that further comment on this growing hybrid threshold.

In order to access the VR component, each of the four galleries will supply audiences with an Oculus headset that transports them to otherworldly settings. In one such display, viewers enter a circular courtyard with a single column of intersecting polished steel discs, that rotates slowly on a granite boulder, reflecting the space around.

A number of Aitken’s past work is also referenced in the new exhibition, such as Sonic Mountain (Sonoma), 2019, which resurfaces as a digital sculpture that changes according to intricate VR algorithms. Made in conjunction with Vortic VR, “Open” is on view at 303 Gallery until May 27 and at Victoria Miro until March 26. Timed slots are available for each, but for those unable to attend, Vortic is offering viewers a virtual experience that can be accessed here.

Elsewhere, Breonna’s Garden will feature at the upcoming SXSW.


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