Double OTPs for logging into new device spotted in beta

WhatsApp double verification code

When the service is available to beta testers, any successful attempt to log into our WhatsApp account from another device will require an additional verification number to validate when we attempt to register our phone number on a separate phone, as shown in the screenshot below.

WhatsApp double verification code

When the first attempt to log into a WhatsApp account is successful, a 6-digit code is required to finish the process. A message is sent to the phone number owner to notify them of the login attempt. As a result, people will be aware that someone is attempting to log into their account using WhatsApp.

The feature’s implementation is to prevent information from being misused, as several incidents of false logins from unknown sources have been recorded in the past. WhatsApp’s double verification code is being developed to secure the login process and prevent account, personal information, and data misuse. Since the feature is still under development, there is no word about the feature’s release date like many features in beta.


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