Dog’s Reaction to Best Walkies Ever Delights Internet

A dog’s reaction after going on the “best walkies ever” has left the internet in stitches this week.

In a TikTok video by user charli_puppydog that has been viewed over 1.8 million times, Charli, a Whippet and Labrador cross breed, is seen lying down after a long walk looking incredibly happy.

One-year-old pup Charli lives in the U.K., where she spends most of her time catching frisbees and going on adventures with her owners.

The viral video has delighted viewers and left TikTokers “cackling laughing.”

The video shows Charli laying down in total bliss, while the text overlay reads: “POV: You’ve just had the best walkies of ur life,” while the caption simply said: “That grin.”

“I laughed way too hard at this,” said one commenter, while another wrote: “Flipped ear, reefs out, white of the eye looking at you…the best.”

Sure Petcare shared an article with an expert idea of what makes a good dog walk. They explained: “Making your dog’s walk varied and interesting will help to stimulate them mentally as well as physically, which is important for your dog’s overall health and wellbeing.”

It is important to make sure that your dog is stimulated and excited by their walk. Mixing up the route can be a great way to do this—whether that’s going to a new place or taking a different route around your usual location.

Games including fetch and frisbee can help break up a walk and add some interest. Similarly, teaching your dog to walk to heel can be important, but allowing them to explore off the lead or on a longer leash is a great way to add fun.

Another great way to keep things exciting for your pup—and perhaps even make them as happy as Charli—is to combine your exercise with your canine friend. Try going for a run with your dog while they run alongside you.

“That smile,” said one commenter, while another wrote: “Now that is one satisfied customer.”

Another owner shared how their pup has a similar response to a great walk and said: “Mine acts like she just won a marathon and collapses on the floor but I open some food and suddenly she [is] reenergized.”

“Energy tank: 2 percent, happy tank: 300 percent,” said another comment.

One viewer delighted in how the dog was: “Using the last bit of energy to force a smile for the camera.”

In another hilarious video shared in February, one dog soon regretted begging for a walk in the rain after he was faced with freezing cold elements.

In April, a professor taught a Golden Retriever who had spent five years of her life in a cage in a puppy mill to walk—creating an unbreakable bond between the pup and the new owner.

Newsweek has reached out to charli_puppydog for comment.

Whippet dog on a walk
A file photo of a whippet smiling on a walk. A dog’s reaction to the “best walkies ever” has delighted the internet.
Galyna Piercy/Getty Images

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