Docker, Bionic, and More Cloud Startups That Raised VC Funding in 2022

  • Investment in cloud startups boomed in 2021, but they’re on track to raise less this year.
  • Some startups have managed to raise funding in 2022, but it’s harder, and VCs are more cautious.
  • Here are 12 cloud startups that raised significant rounds in 2022 during the broader slowdown.

With the public markets suffering in recent months amid rising interest rates, supply-chain issues, and rampant inflation, venture funding and investing have slowed. Investors are more cautious about deals, and startups can no longer rely on huge funding rounds to fuel their growth.

Investment in cloud startups boomed in 2021, with over 900 cloud-tech and DevOps startups raising $21.5 billion globally last year, according to PitchBook.

But it appears the frenzy has slowed. In the first half of this year, 362 companies received a total of $5.61 billion, according to PitchBook. In the US, 455 cloud startups raised a total of $15.2 billion last year, while so far this year 177 companies have raised $3.51 billion. The global and US totals are on track to be significantly lower than last year.

But some startups have managed to raise significant rounds this year. The investor Andreessen Horowitz has said it hasn’t slowed down funding. Investors at Vertex Ventures, which focuses on early-stage investments for cloud infrastructure and software companies, told Insider they are still investing as well.

But many VCs who are still investing say they’re being more cautious when deciding to invest in a company. When she raised her latest round, Mathilde Collin, the CEO of Front, an email startup, told Insider that investors cared more about efficiency than the growth-at-all-costs model that found favor when the market was hotter. She said investors also spent more time than usual doing due diligence, including speaking directly to Front’s customers.

To get a sense of which cloud companies have been able to raise new funding this year, Insider looked at data compiled by PitchBook. Many make tools for companies to manage their cloud usage or tools for developers, while others offer enterprise blockchain technology.

Here are 12 US-based cloud startups that raised over $65 million so far this year during a broader slowdown in VC funding:

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