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DMC DeLorean EV Teaser Image

Earlier this year, DeLorean Motor Company confirmed that the iconic DeLorean made famous by Back to the future is making a comeback as an electric vehicle. We now have our second look at the stunning EV and confirmation that it will all be revealed on April 18th.

The “DeLorean EVolved” will be an all-electric luxury vehicle with gullwing doors, tons of power and an all-new version of the famous car. In February, the first images of the teaser indicated that it would arrive in 2022, and a complete prototype of the DeLorean EV would be displayed at Pebble Beach on August 21. Fans can view the car in the concept lawn section.

However, today DMC announced that it is moving things forward and will officially unveil the all-new DeLorean EV on April 18th. While the press release says it’s the “reveal date”, a post on Twitter says the car is “in tune” on the 18th.

At the moment we do not know what the official name of the car will be. In the press release, DeLorean Motor Company said it plans to share the official name of the electric vehicle on the 18th. The original Back to the future The car is still referred to by its pre-production designation to this day, the DMC-12. We doubt the company will take inspiration from it, but we’ll have to wait and see.

DMC called the EV a concept and clarified that the model on display later this month at Pebble Peach is a prototype. So if this car ever goes into production and becomes something we can actually buy, like the Cybertruck, expect to see several changes before its inevitable release in 2023 or beyond.

Anyway, on April 18, the DMC DeLorean will officially arrive as a futuristic luxury car. Considering this will be a top-of-the-line EV, we have a feeling it will be able to go from 0-88 MPH with ease. For now, you can find out more on the Delorean website.


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