Diablo 4 Test Build Leaks Already Surfacing Online

Diablo 4 is said to be in a stage of development where it’s being tested by friends and family of Blizzard employees which comes as good news given that it means that’s one step closer to a wider beta test. However, that test appears to have been accompanied by the somewhat expected trickling of Diablo 4 leaks that have started surfacing online recently. The leaks don’t always stay up for long and don’t reveal a great deal themselves, but if they’re already starting to come out, it’s likely we’ll only see more of them in the future.

As leaks typically are when it comes to an upcoming game, the leaks from whatever Diablo 4 test is going on now have been spotted here and there throughout the game’s subreddit. One such post pulls from the outlet JudgeHype which, coincidently, appears to have pulled them first from screenshots shared on Reddit. The round-and-round nature of these leaks perhaps has something to do with the fact that posts showcasing leaks and spoilers are being deleted from Reddit, too, but as evidenced by these leaks persisting through different posts, they’re here to stay now that they’re online.

Though any leak is worth viewing for those fond of these early looks at games, this leak doesn’t really showcase much. This one in particular shows off the character creation screen as well as the difficulty options available at the start of the game. The leaks also have the private test build number plastered all over them presumably identifying whoever the player is, so even though Blizzard hasn’t officially confirmed a friends and family test or anything like that at this time, it’s evident some sort of test is certainly going on at this time.

Leaks like these have prompted the moderators of the subreddit to address the situation in a post that essentially explained posting pre-release info is ill-advised but not punishable so long as the leaks don’t consist of actual files or downloads. That means that leaks won’t be scrubbed for the sake of no-spoiler purity in the subreddit, so if you are keen on seeing leaks, you’ll likely find them there in the future.

Diablo 4 does not yet have a release date but is scheduled to release at some point next year.

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