Design cute holiday homes in the new Animal Crossing DLC

New paid DLC for Animal Crossing: New Horizons offering players the opportunity to design vacation homes for the game’s various villagers was announced during the Animal Crossing Nintendo Direct. The DLC, titled Happy Home Paradise, will launch on November 5, along with the game’s 2.0 update, and will cost players $25.

Happy Home Paradise will also be available as part of Nintendo’s recently unveiled Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack membership, along with access to Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis titles.

Key art for Animal Crossing Happy Home Paradise.

In the expansion, players help a resort developer called Paradise Planning by designing vacation homes tailored to the requests of villagers. Customization is paramount in vacation home design, allowing players to change almost every aspect of homes and the lots. Players can change the size of houses themselves and place partitions or pillars to demarcate spaces. Outside, players can change the house’s location and design, and edit the environment with a new top-down editor.

In addition to vacation homes, players can redesign several facilities in the archipelago from the DLC. Whether they create a restaurant, hospital or school, villagers will occupy and use every facility.

Once players have successfully designed a vacation home, they will receive payment in the form of Poki, a new currency. While it can only be used on the archipelago, Poki can be used to purchase rare furniture and other cosmetics, which can then be returned to the players’ main islands.

The new design techniques players use for vacation homes can also be applied to homes on the main island, dramatically increasing the way player homes can be customized. And for players who are tired of visiting the ugly houses of their villagers, villagers can ask the player to give their house a makeover once enough vacation homes are designed.

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