Dell Technologies: Connecting to VMware

by Analytics Insight
January 23, 2022

Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies offers a portfolio of products and services to help IT professionals overcome the challenges they face.


Much of Dell’s new offerings are based on on-premises infrastructure—the servers and storage that power the data centers of the world’s largest corporations and governments. Dell realizes, however, that its enterprise customer base is largely in a state of transformation — the digital transformation that promises to turn such behemoths into customer-centric, software-centric organizations. However, Dell’s challenge is to connect the dots: how can this storage device or server enable customer-centric transformation at its largest customers? The terminology of “digital transformation” covers the marketing of everything from Dell Finance to the company’s impressive partner program and even directs the posts on the Dell Technologies homepage. But for all the marketing dollars, the end result remains a separation between the transformation-oriented marketing messages and the hardware-oriented bit-and-byte value propositions of the equipment on offer.

In 2019, Dell Technologies commissioned a survey of 4,600 global business leaders and their progress on the digital transformation journey. The Digital Transformation Index II shows that 78% of respondents believe that transformation should be more pervasive in their organization and that more than half are concerned about meeting customer demands in the next five years. In the digital landscape, more and more attention is being paid to privacy and related regulations, such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This is made even more evident in the lack of consumer trust in companies and a demand for transparency and accountability following headlines about opaque use of personal data.


Dell Technologies offers a portfolio of products and services to help IT professionals overcome the challenges they face. From end users to applications to security, cloud, infrastructure, services and consumption, Dell Technologies can future-proof your digital future and preserve your business goals. This is now possible because the Dell Tech umbrella includes Dell EMC, VMware, RSA, Pivotal, Virtustream, Secureworks and many more. Dell Technologies continues to work hard to develop unique solutions that meet your needs. By focusing on scalability, flexibility, speed and lower costs, IT professionals can become more proactive in their work. Implementing new technologies without worrying about increasing downtime is key to a successful digital transformation. Together, Dell Technologies and Connection can work with you to develop a solution that meets your needs. The company’s experts will work with you to correctly size, price and implement your solution from start to finish.


There is one bright light in Dell Technologies’ comprehensive product line that promises to connect the supplier’s infrastructure story with its customers’ transformation efforts and that is crucial. Pivotal is the company that largely drives the cloud foundry, the open-source platform-as-a-service that is cloud-native, container-centric, and DevOps-friendly, while the rest of the Dell Technologies story focuses on data centers, hardware and virtual machine-centric, placing the cloud in the hybrid IT context as VMware expands to public clouds. In addition to Pivotal’s open source offerings, Pivotal offers support and services that help its customers get into the fast-delivery, innovative, DevOps world – essential to the success of any digital transformation initiative. Despite the relative immaturity of the container technology available, Pivotal customers are showing real success leveraging it in their digital transformation initiatives. “Pivotal and the culture behind it — it would be great if it permeated everything,” said Thomas Fredell, Chief Product Officer at Merrill Corporation, a Pivotal customer. “If you do that right, everything else will fall into place.” If they are able to spread the modern, transformative elements of Pivotal’s approach to the marketplace across all of its product lines, it could very well nail the digital transformation story. Time will tell. Rather than linking compute and storage together, either through specific cloud instance types or through hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) offerings, DriveScale disaggregates and automatically reassembles compute and storage resources for modern workloads through a fully software-driven, policy-driven approach. This automated mix-and-match approach to infrastructure provides both greater flexibility for dynamic and diverse workloads and support for Software-Defined Infrastructure (SDI), an essential building block for implementing an IT strategy that supports the dynamic needs of customers. SDI is therefore an essential building block for digital transformation.

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