Dell storage dives into Equinix colo private cloud pools – Blocks and Files

Equinix sells Dell Managed Storage, hyperconverged and data protection products as-a-service from its data centers.

Products include Dell PowerStore (all-flash), VxRail, and PowerProtect Data Domain Virtual Edition (DDVE). PowerStore is Dell’s mid-range unified file and block storage array, VxRail is the hyper-converged system with VMware, and DDVE is a software-only storage appliance that can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud. Equinix provides bare metal as-a-service in 18 data centers worldwide.

Zac Smith, Managing Director of Equinix Metal, said in a blog post: “Our job is to stay humble and make the point of customers clear by providing choice, such as the Dell PowerStore, VxRail and DDVE or Pure Storage solutions that we now have. operate as a service, or our new Workload Optimized server lineup.”

Equinix Metal data centers (red dots)

The Dell products are sold as a fully managed service. This includes Equinix’s hardware procurement, installation and maintenance, as well as management of the colocation, power, top-of-rack and distribution networks over the term of the contract. Dell says VxRail on Equinix Metal offers a “soup to nuts” data center-as-a-service experience that includes compute, storage, networking and integrated VMware. DDVE on Equinix Metal can be connected to private environments and to any cloud platform via Equinix onramps.

According to Smith, “Just about every technology player moves like a service, and as the world’s digital infrastructure company, we’re focused on making them successful.”

He said: “Equinix’s digital services are fundamental building blocks that customers and partners can assemble… The big unlock we provide is an API interface for customers to invest in digital transformation at the most fundamental, physical level.”

Smith said he likes to collaborate. “We believe our customers are best served by choosing from the best solutions that are part of our ecosystem.” He outlined several Equinix Metal partnerships:

  • Nutanix Cloud and Dell VxRail for a hybrid multi-cloud application experience,
  • Dell PowerStore and Pure Storage for scalable storage,
  • Cohesity Helios or Dell PowerProtect DDVE for data resiliency,
  • NVIDIA Launchpad for machine learning.

Equinix added that it is “glad to be appreciated for the as-a-Service plumbing it offers.”

Equinix diagram

The Equinix Metal cloud is close to the public cloud and is the bridge to end users, enabling interconnections. Equinix says it sees itself starring in a colocation comeback story, with on-demand features and presence in global geos. The company aims to establish Equinix Metal as a serious player in the infrastructure market, a one-stop-shop for hybrid and hyperscale infrastructure in a rent-the-runway model, and the center of customers’ private clouds.

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