Delhi seller sells ‘Idli Ice Cream’ and Desi Twitter wants to ‘burn the internet’

After Dosa ice cream, the natural next step would be Idli ice cream and of course someone understood the brief. The only real point of bizarre food combinations is to make the current weirder than the newest item around, and this Idli ice cream is up to the task. Shared by food blogger @thegreatindianfoodie on Instagram, the dish is sold in Lajpat Nagar, Delhi. The video actually came with an apology from the blogger, but Instagram users aren’t too sure if they can. While some flatly refused to forgive him, others wondered who was eating the dish. Others called it blasphemous, saying it destroyed the legacy of the food items involved in the combo. Check it out here.

Recently, a Delhi eatery also thought it would be a great idea to mash ice cream into masala dosa and then make sandwiches with the resulting mix. The video that the handle ‘thegreatindianfoodie’ posted on Instagram went viral for all the wrong reasons.

However, there is a way to mix sweet and savory, and one Japanese restaurant apparently got it right. An Instagram user, Jesse Ogundiran, shared a video of a Japanese restaurant serving their customers Miso Ramen soup topped with soft serve ice cream. The restaurant called Franken in Osaka Japan serves this unique dish that has stunned the netizens. They serve a bowl of hot Japanese ramen topped with a whole ice cream cone, chocolate and vanilla flavored. The blogger in the video is told that the purpose of this bizarre combination is to add creaminess to the spicy soup because of the milk. After tasting this weird fusion dish, which costs $10, the blogger really liked it and said it was a perfect blend of sweet and spicy.

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