DDoS attack hits VoIP and internet provider VoIP Unlimited again


Wireless UK broadband ISP and Voice-over-IP (VoIP) provider VoIP Unlimited has had connectivity issues again after being hit by a second”big scaleDistributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack, which started yesterday and follows a similar attack that took place last month (here).

The problems appear to have started around 5pm yesterday, initially leading to intermittent connectivity and loss of voice services on their VoIP exchange, before later disrupting some broadband and leased line customers. According to The Register, the REvil ransomware gang is once again behind the latest attack. Access to the VoIP Unlimited customer support portal was also disrupted by the attack.

The most recent update to the provider’s service status, posted at 2:56 p.m. today, said: “The DDoS attacks on our customers are still ongoing. Our teams work hard to ensure that customers are impacted as little as possible. Please be aware of slower than usual speeds and intermittent connectivity to destinations outside our network.”

DDoS attacks typically work by overloading a target server or end user with masses of data requests from multiple Internet-connected devices (often malware-hijacked computers/botnets, etc.), which can cause the intended target to crash or experience significant performance issues until the bad traffic stops or can be effectively limited.

Unfortunately, DDoS attacks are constantly occurring against ISPs in the UK and are practically standard in this industry, but most can be mitigated and few are ever significant enough to disrupt connectivity for many end users. In this case, the attack seems quite large and VoIP Unlimited, as well as their customers, are struggling. But some services seem to be handling it better than last time.

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