Data preparation Key part of integration automation

One particularly time-consuming and manual integration process step that could benefit from automation is data preparation.

Modern business moves at a rapid pace. As such, individuals and business units are often frustrated when it takes weeks, months, or even longer for their ideas to become reality. They need to lead their projects and the integration needed to bring everything together.

Using technologies such as low-code development and reusable, composable components helps. But the manual steps and reliance on individually skilled users working sequentially on each step of an integration make the process rigid and resistant to improvement.

One particularly time-consuming and manual integration process step that can benefit from automation is data preparation. It is therefore not surprising that there is a lot of interest in this market. According to a study by Marqual IT Solutions Pvt, the global data preparation tools market is expected to reach $8.6 billion by 2027. Ltd (KBV Research). The study points to the emergence of big data as a key driver of the market, thanks to the need for specialized tools.

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Market growth factors

Disruption from the pandemic has contributed to resource adoption, especially during the struggle to find a vaccine. Medical data is an important source of work for teams cleaning and ingesting data from multiple sources. Data preparation tools provide a smooth workflow and plenty of power and storage to ensure medical organizations can derive value from their data.

Other key market drivers include an increasing importance of data governance and scalability. When organizations can effectively manage their data, they can derive value from streamlining operations. Flexible data preparation tools provide greater flexibility and allow companies to adapt their data tools as their needs change.

Barriers to the Market Affecting Integration

Potential suppliers will pay attention to current challenges in implementation.

  • High cost: Implementation costs are still a major barrier for many small to medium-sized businesses, reducing the overall market potential for suppliers.
  • Feature Outlook: Depending on how organizations plan to use their data preparation tools, adoption may be faster or slower. Cataloging data has a more promising prospect than data security, as companies may demand more capacity than is available on the market.
  • Bet type: How and where users plan to deploy these tools can also be a limiting factor. Self-service cloud adoption is gaining momentum.

The data preparation market will continue to grow

The report outlines the key players and deals in the market alongside the overall forecast. Companies struggling with big data will look for new solutions to manage and deploy data products while remaining secure. And while the APAC region appears to be the largest demand segment, the market will grow globally.

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