Data center project expected to create hundreds of jobs

Another large multi-million dollar data center is being developed in Auckland.

A network servers in data room.

The need for reliable, on-premises cloud delivery will become increasingly business-critical, says the chief executive of DCI Data Centers. (file photo)
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DCI Data Centers (DCI) is set to build a data center on a 5-hectare site in northern Auckland, with the first development already under construction in northwest Auckland.

Malcolm Roe, CEO of DCI Australia and New Zealand, said the two investments were valued at $600 million with an economic value of more than $1.4 billion over the life of the projects.

“Each data center will create more than 150 jobs during construction and about 250 continuous jobs in information technology and telecommunications once the sites are operational,” he said.

The data centers named AKL01 and AKL02 are said to offer high speed internet based services and cloud based services.

Roe said DCI designed the centers with New Zealand in mind.

“We are in talks with both government and industry stakeholders to design a data center that is ready for an accelerated digital agenda, one that will enable the use of cloud technology to drive innovation, improve productivity and improve security.” to better protect data and information for all of New Zealand organizations,” he says.

“As organizations adopt cloud technologies to automate digital processes and simplify their IT operations, the need for reliable, on-premises cloud delivery becomes increasingly important to the business.”

Construction company Naylor Love has been awarded the contract to build the AKL01 facility, which is expected to be completed next year, while construction on AKL02 is set to begin in mid-2022.

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