Dark Souls Servers Down Due To Exploit That Could Give Someone Control Of Your PC

Two soldiers wearing armor fight a specter in Dark Souls 3.

Screenshot: bandai namco

Earlier this morning, Bandai Namco and From Software announced that all servers for Dark Souls Remastered, 2, and 3 have been temporarily closed due to a “problem with online services.While the publisher didn’t share more details, the “issue” is believed to be a recently publicized PC exploit that would allow a malicious hacker to invade your game and then remotely execute code on it. your PC, taking control of it.

Yesterday, a post on the Ring of Elden subreddit announced that a Remote Code Execution (RCE) exploit has been discovered. These types of exploits are very nasty because they allow a hacker to take control of your computer, allowing them to brick it, steal sensitive data and files, or activate malware.

The exploit is only on the PC and does not work on the dark souls games released on consoles.

the dark souls The RCE exploit was seen in action two days ago during dark souls 3 direct. Twitch user The__Grim__Sleeper was playing the game and after being invaded his game crashes and a text-to-speech narrator starts speaking. To be clear, The Grim Sleeper had no control over this and was shocked when it happened.

Within the dark souls community, it is believed that the person responsible for hacking this stream was not a malicious hacker, but rather someone who has known about this exploit for some time now. Apparently they had tried to contact From Software about the RCE exploit but felt ignored by the developer and publisher. To get more attention and possibly push From Software to take action, the user is believed to have used the exploit on a livestream.

According to a post on the dark souls 3 subreddit, blue sentinel, a fan-developed anti-cheat for the game, has already been updated to stop this exploit. It is also explained that initial reports that the exploit leaked may be incorrect, with the speculation that only about four people directly involved with Blue Sentinel know how to pull off the nasty hack.

Kotaku contacted the publisher about the exploit and the shutdown of the PC servers.

Part of the fear surrounding this exploit is that it is theorized that it could work in Ring of Elden, due to the similarity of the technology used in this game with previous From Software titles. The hope is that by revealing the exploit now, before the game is released, it can be fixed before Ring of Elden comes out next month.

Bandai Namco seems to have taken notice of the issue. He responded to a Reddit post on the dark souls CRE, saying: “Thank you very much for the ping, a report on this subject was submitted to the internal teams concerned earlier today, the information is much appreciated!”

And now servers for all dark souls PC gaming is currently down, with no information on when it will return. Although Bandai Namco has not confirmed that this downtime is the result of this exploit, it seems very likely.

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