Dame Stephanie Shirley and Ray Ozzie receive distinguished scholarship from the Chartered Institute for IT

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Ozzie became one of three Chief Technical Officers and in 2006 took over the role of Chief Software Architect from Bill Gates. More recently, in founding Blues Wireless, he has focused on creating the infrastructure for digital transformation – connecting billions of commercial products to the cloud.”

In accepting his award, Ray Ozzie said, “It is a great honor to receive this award. I have been fortunate to work with and learn from many talented entrepreneurs and leaders over the years. The computing and communications sectors remain ripe for innovation, and I hope my work can inspire others as well.”

Distinguished Fellowship recognizes the best

John Higgins, President of BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT said: “Dame Steve Shirley and Ray Ozzie on our list of Distinguished Fellows are well deserved. A Distinguished Fellowship recognizes and celebrates the best of the best. Both recipients are inspiring individuals committed to making digital technology work for the benefit of society.

“This award recognizes Dame Stephanie’s distinguished career and her substantial contributions to technology and business. Our goal at BCS is to make IT good for society and we believe it embodies this philosophy.

“Ray Ozzie is responsible for some of the most innovative work in computer science. He is an industry visionary and pioneer in computer-assisted collaboration work – who has devoted most of his career to people-to-people collaboration.

This award recognizes the impact their work has had on society and knowledge at the highest level. It is my hope that the Distinguished Fellowships help in some way to give the contributions of both Dame Stephanie and Ray Ozzie the status and recognition they deserve. We are proud that they represent and inspire our industry to continue to change.”

They join the BCS Roll of Distinguished Fellows alongside innovators such as Sophie Wilson, who received the award in recognition of her pioneering work – helping design the BBC Micro and ARM architecture. Other distinguished fellows include Sir Tim Berners-Lee, Dame Wendy Hall, Vint Cerf and Martha Lane-Fox.

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