‘Could not stomach her voice’

Meghan Markle pilot episode of podcast Archetypes is has allegedly failed to impress viewers.

Turning to Twitter after the release of Meghan’s podcast alongside tennis champion Serena Williams, the netizens were quick to brand the Duchess ‘boring’.

“So, Meghan’s podcast landed. I can’t have an opinion unless I listen, so took a deep breath and went for it. OMG!” wrote one internet user.

“I was ready to turn off after 20 seconds when I heard the, yawn, soap ad story YET AGAIN! And could take no more after 1 minute 21 seconds!” added another.

A third wrote: “Tried to listen but just couldn’t stomach her voice with the fake giggles pretending they are BFF. [It’s] rubbish I even fast forwarded it to see if it got any better but no it didn’t.”

In the fresh episode of her Spotify podcast, Meghan discussed a range of topics from her life as an ‘ambitious’ woman to her zeal for ‘woman empowerment’.

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