‘Confused’ Golden Retriever at Ice Cream Shop leaves the internet in

The internet can’t get enough of a Golden Retriever’s reaction to smoking liquid nitrogen over an ice cream cone when he jumped and tried to bite it in a viral clip.

The TikTok, captioned “Homie even got his own ice cream #nitecreamery #slo #icecream #nitrogenicecream”, has 6.8 million views and 1.3 million likes since it was posted on March 13.

Ice cream can be made by mixing the ingredients with liquid nitrogen. The process creates a frozen ice treat via flash freezing. When the liquid nitrogen is added to the ice cream ingredients, smoke or fog can be seen.

According to Mashed, liquid nitrogen can be used to make numerous foods. However, it is essential to keep it away from the skin and eyes. Wearing gloves and safety glasses is an important step to ensure safety.

Fortune reported that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned against consuming liquid nitrogen in 2018 after some “life-threatening cases” surfaced. The FDA advised, “Consumers should avoid eating, drinking or handling foods prepared with liquid nitrogen at the point of sale and immediately before consumption because of the risk of injury.”

The eight-second clip, posted by TikToker @eliizardbeth_, or Elizabeth, shared the viral moment much to the delight of many fans. Music played as the dog’s owner kept the dog on a leash while she and a woman placed their order at Nite Creamery, an establishment that uses liquid nitrogen to make ice cream in San Luis Obispo, California.

golden retriever sitting
A “confused” dog at an ice cream parlor has let the internet down. Here a Golden Retriever sitting in the grass.

Smoke billowed from the other side of the counter as the workers presumably made ice cream with liquid nitrogen. The dog immediately noticed the smoke and his reaction involved trying to bite the air a few times in the mist.

“The highlight of my day,” read on the screen in text overlay.

The dog even jumped up a few times and opened and closed its mouth in the smoky air. The dog’s owner also seemed to notice the behavior before the video ended.

More than 4,400 commentators have given their two cents on the Golden Retriever’s reaction to the liquid nitrogen at work, and some thought the dog was confused. “Oh to be a dog confused by smoke,” said one viewer.

Some people joked about the viral moment. “He tried to catch the fog… But he’s ‘missing’,” wrote a TikToker.

People theorized what the dog might be thinking when they encountered the smoke. “He probably thought the world was coming to an end,” one viewer joked.

Many viewers seemed to appreciate the dog’s reaction. “Hahaha the fog is coming, the fog is coming,” said another TikToker.

Others pondered what could be the meaning behind the dog’s actions. “He said, ‘Should protect man from evil smoke,'” the viewer wrote. “What a good boy.”

Another TikToker didn’t hold back when they said, “Dogs are so stupid, I love it.”

While some comments of appreciation include things like, “We don’t deserve dogs” and “This is so cute.”

news week reached out to TikToker @eliizardbeth_ for comment.


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