Church Premieres Doug Mastriano’s 2X Canceled Controversial Film And The Internet Is Pissed

A mega-church along a Pennsylvania highway has decided to play host to both the so-called Mastriano Movie “The Return of the Patriot: The Rise of Pennsylvania!” and a discussion with the producer Dr. Steve Turley.

Its star is State Senator and Republican candidate for Pennsylvania Governor, Doug Mastriano. 

The film apparently debuted at the Christ Community Church located at 1201 Slate Hill Rd, Camp Hill, Saturday, July 16, according to a Facebook post by the church advertising a 65 percent off coupon for tickets. 

The film premiere has been canceled at two different venues but the reasons for the cancelations has been vaguely reported as “common concerns,” by PennLive.

As the church’s post about the upcoming filming is shared across social media commenters are suggesting that the new filming location could be an issue of separation of church and state. 

Several commenters allude to the thought that showing a political endorsement as a church may cost the church it’s tax exemption status and are suggesting people report the event to the IRS

How valid this claim actually is remains unclear as the church’s reasons for hosting and what the panel will discuss is unknown.

Daily Voice reached out to Christ Community Church about any concerns the organization may have regarding the issues commenters have pointed out and asked why it made the bold choice to host such an event via phone and email on Friday afternoon but has yet to hear back.

Although true reasons behind the previous cancelations remain vague, the producer relishing the controversy is not. Turley put it in a YouTube post, saying he “should write a special thank-you note to the woke activists” who complained about the film as donations for it on the GiveSendGo site “doubled in 24 hours.” 

They had raised over $20,000 as of Friday, July 15. 

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