Check Out These Tech Stocking Stuffers For Under $100

Most people think of stocking stuffers as an afterthought to the main event of Christmas gift giving, but as far as we’re concerned, they’re the perfect opportunity to surprise your giftees with some small gifts that are above their weight class. The key is to find things that are nice to have, but that your giftee wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves. Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up 10 gadgets that hit the sweet spot. Do not mention it.

Anker ultra-fast charger

Anker GaN Charger

Pretty much everyone has a few charger bricks scattered around their house, but the cheap ones that come with your electronics suck compared to the Anker Nano II. Made with the latest gallium nitride charging technology, this little powerhouse can discharge your electronics up to three times faster than the average rock.

Apple AirTags

Apple Airtag in various polyurethane and leather keychains and loops

If your giftee is an iPhone user, Apple’s new AirTags are a hit. It essentially allows you to track any device — your keys, your wallet, or even your dog — but without having to charge a GPS module or pay a monthly fee for a tracking service. They are practically magical.

JBL Go 3

JBL Go 3 portable speaker

Portable Bluetooth speakers are as common as pigeons these days, and chances are whoever you’re buying already has one – but even if they do, the JBL Go 3 will almost certainly be an upgrade. You won’t find better sound in such a small package.

Portable charging cord

portable charging cable

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you need a charging cable, but no one has one to hand? These bracelets are there to make sure this never happens again. By wearing them on your wrist, you always have one to hand when you need it. Got one a few years ago and can’t even count the number of times it has saved the day.

Buy at Nouon

Roku Streaming Stick +

Roku streaming stick 4K.
Phil Nickinson/Digital Trends

Even if your giftee already has a streaming media setup, Roku’s new Streaming Stick+ is worth considering. It’s the best Roku has made yet and supports Dolby Vision. It’s a great upgrade if your giftee already has a Roku stick, and it’s an absolute game-changer if they don’t.

Bondic repair kit

Bondic is the best kept secret in technology. It’s a little pen that lets you fix things with photosensitive glue that won’t harden until you shine UV light on it. It’s infinitely easier to use than superglue and ideal for repairing broken glasses, frayed charging cables and almost everything in between.

Electronic hand warmer

hand warmer

If you know someone who still uses those disposable HotHands packs, do them a favor and buy a genuine 21st century upgrade. In addition to offering several hours of on-demand heating, this gizmo can also perk up your smartphone if you’re running low on battery.

Amazon smart plug

Buying for someone who would enjoy the convenience of a modern smart home but is not tech savvy? This smart plug is practically guaranteed to be a hit. It basically allows you to control any outlet – activate and deactivate anything plugged into it – via voice commands.

Redkey USB

redkey data clearing tool

If you know someone is getting a new computer for Christmas and maybe retiring their old one, you should definitely put one of these in their stocking. It’s a tiny USB stick that makes it super easy to securely erase a hard drive and make sure no one can recover the data on it.

Rechargeable Candle Lighter

bow lighter

If your giftee hasn’t upgraded to rechargeable electronic lighters yet, do them a favor and get them one of these. They are much more convenient and environmentally friendly than ripping through disposable butane lighters.

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