Cat’s Blank Expression Has Internet Cracking Up

According to scientific research, cats are pretty brainy. They can master tricks, learn their names, and even save their humans from life-threatening situations.

While some cats might not be as intelligent as others, that doesn’t make them any less lovable, as one feline demonstrated on TikTok—and managed to set off a new trend in the process.

Cat's Blank Expression Has Internet Cracking Up
Stock image of an orange tabby cat lying on back and looking up at owner. Walter may have floof where his brain cells should be, but TikTokers couldn’t get enough of the “handsome” boy.
Valery Kudryavtsev/iStock/Getty Images Plus

In a video shared on 28 March, the account @walter.the.catt shared a video of Walter the ginger tabby looking blankly into the camera, while his owner sang:

“What’s between those ears, is it a brain?

“No, just floof.

“No brain, just floof. Yea.”

Since being posted, the clip has received almost 500,000 likes and 2,800 comments from TikTok users praising Walter’s looks, if not his intelligence.

Mathias Kaine said: “Good looking cat.”

Elina agreed, writing: “Cuteeee.”

While Bear 🙂 commented: “The cat looks so lost.”

When it comes to intelligence, cats and dogs are regularly pitted against each other for the “smartest pet” title. However, it’s not easy to compare the intelligence of common household pets, as different animals excel in different areas.

A 2017 study found that dogs have double the number of neurons in their cerebral cortexes as cats, but an older experiment showed that felines have more fortitude. In a study using puzzles, felines’ natural independence meant they were willing to persevere until the task was complete, whereas dogs gave up sooner and asked for help from their owners.

However, there is significantly more research on canine intelligence than feline, as cats’ innate stubbornness makes them tougher to study. Dogs have also been domesticated for longer than cats, making them more obedient and easier to train.

Walter currently has 2.2 million followers watching his shenanigans on TikTok, most of which involve him being sassy, begging for food or just staring at his owner for long periods of time. Sometimes, his brother—a Calico cat called Gus—makes an appearance, as do plenty of songs written and sung by his mom.

Since being first posted, Walter and the “No brain, just floof” song have gone viral, with other pet owners using the sound to create their own versions.

One fluffy Samoyed called Boomer delighted users with his spaceman suit and his joyful-yet-confused expression. While Mr. Hobnob the guinea pig and his apparent lack of brain cells received 144,000 likes of his own.

Walter’s mom’s singing and songwriting abilities also got plenty of compliments from fellow TikTok users.

Rachel said: “The orange cat anthem.”

Still friday the 13th wrote: “ur voice is so nice, it relaxes me.”

Jelly Child asked: “How did you think of this masterpiece[?]”


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