How to choose a low-code development platform

Today’s low-code and no-code development platforms enable teams of software developers—and even non-coders—to deliver, support, and extend a wide array of applications. They are used to build mobile apps, deliver customer experiences, streamline workflows, modernize legacy applications, automate data integrations, and support data visualizations, to name the more common uses. The major selling points of … Read more

Quantum Computing as-a-Service launched in UK

Oxford Quantum Circuits (OQC), which unveiled the UK’s most advanced superconducting quantum computer in 2018, has launched the UK’s first Quantum Computing-as-a-Service (QCaaS) platform. In a boost for the UK’s ambitions to be a global quantum superpower, as well as for businesses looking to explore the increasing commercial and technical benefits of quantum computing,  today’s … Read more

In search of the devops ideal

Devops takes the overhead view encompassing the activity of both development and operations, and choreographs them to interact in the most effective ways. That is the conceptual ideal, but from a technical standpoint, can we describe the ideal devops setup? The answer is no, because the demands of a two-person startup are radically different from … Read more

IBM finalises hybrid cloud consulting company takeover

IBM has confirmed it plans to acquire BoxBoat Technologies, a premier DevOps consultancy and enterprise Kubernetes certified service provider.  BoxBoat will extend IBM’s container strategy and implementation services portfolio to further advance IBM’s hybrid cloud strategy and accelerate Red Hat OpenShift adoption globally. The heart of hybrid John Granger, senior VP, Hybrid Cloud Services at … Read more

Microsoft snaps up RiskIQ to strengthen hybrid work cybersecurity

Microsoft has reached an agreement to acquire RiskIQ, a specialist in global threat intelligence and attack surface management. It is hoped that the deal will help the companies’ customers build a more comprehensive view of the global threats to their businesses, better understand vulnerable internet-facing assets, and build world-class threat intelligence. As organisations pursue digital … Read more

Russia disconnects from internet in tests as it bolsters security – RBC daily

MOSCOW, July 22 (Reuters) – Russia managed to disconnect itself from the global internet during tests in June and July, the RBC daily reported on Thursday, citing documents from the working group tasked with improving Russia’s internet security. Russia adopted legislation, known as the “sovereign internet” law, in late 2019 that seeks to shield the … Read more

Not all analytics are created equal

Analytics are core to all modern SaaS applications. There is no way to successfully operate a SaaS application without monitoring how it is performing, what it’s doing internally, and how successful it is at accomplishing its goals. However, there are many types of analytics that modern applications need to monitor and examine. The purpose, value, … Read more