Here are the latest features Microsoft added to Teams in November 2022

7×7 Teams video grid: now automatic rather than selectable. Shutterstock / Eakrin Rasadonyindee Microsoft rolled out dozens of new features for Teams in November, as well as an under-the-hood performance upgrade.  Fans of polls now have a one-click instant poll feature that lets meeting participants quickly round up opinions with binary responses like yes/no, thumb … Read more

Programmable AI SoC Built to Handle Space Hazards

AMD is reaching for the stars with a new space-grade programmable Versal SoC that promises to put more on-device machine learning and high-bandwidth signal processing on satellites and other space-faring systems. The Santa Clara, California-based company said that its XQR Versal AI Core SoC has completed a Class B qualification, meaning the Xilinx-designed chip meets … Read more

5 best movie threequels | Digital Trends

If making a sequel is sometimes impossible, then making a threequel can be even trickier. After all, having the ability to make a threequel typically suggests that the first two films worked well enough to generate demand for a third. Making a threequel can also be liberating, though. At this point, a franchise can shift … Read more

5 Tips Before Jumping Into Marvel’s XCOM-Flavored Midnight Suns

Image: Marvel / Firaxis Marvel’s Midnight Suns is a fun but tangled mess of nylon, lasers, and wind-down time with Iron Man. Though made by Firaxis Games, developers behind treasured turn-based strategy franchise XCOM, Midnight Suns is its own ridiculous neon thing, with role-playing elements intricately entwined with its turn-based, card-driven combat. There’s a lot … Read more

Michigan Tech Receives $1.3 Million McNair Grant

Michigan Technological University has received a $1.3 million grant from the U.S. Department of Education to help students from underrepresented groups earn undergraduate degrees, enroll in graduate programs and obtain doctorates. The five-year grant — $261,888 each year — funds the Ronald E. McNair Postbaccalaureate Achievement Program at Michigan Tech, also known as the McNair … Read more

KnowBe4 and Netskope Collaborate for New SecurityCoach Integration

KnowBe4 has announced that its new SecurityCoach product now integrates with Netskope. The two security organisations have collaborated together to help reduce risky behaviour with product integration to support real-time security coaching of users. SecurityCoach helps IT/security professionals to develop a strong security culture by enabling real-time security coaching of their users in response to … Read more

AWS unveils machine learning (ML) tools for data science in the cloud 

Check out the on-demand sessions from the Low-Code/No-Code Summit to learn how to successfully innovate and achieve efficiency by upskilling and scaling citizen developers. Watch now. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) workloads can run in any number of locations including on-premises, at the edge, embedded in devices and in the cloud. Amazon Web … Read more

Scientists develop systems for improved latent fingerprint recognition

Recently, a research group led by Prof. LONG Shibing from the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC) of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, collaborating with Prof. LIU Qi from Fudan University, developed an in-sensor reservoir computing system for latent fingerprint recognition with deep ultraviolet photo-synapses and a memristor array. This study was published … Read more