Casetify Impact Crush Galaxy S22 Ultra case hands-on: drop protection, recycled materials and antimicrobial coating

The new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is one of the best smartphones available today and to personalize it, many are looking for solutions. Casetify has an extensive selection of custom case solutions for the S22 Ultra, including personalization options where you can add text to the case. We tested three variants of the Impact Crush case with the S22 Ultra.

The Casetify Impact Crush case costs $65 and includes edge protection that withstands drops of up to 6.6 feet thanks to Qitech 2.0’s proprietary shock-absorbing material. The case is made from 65% recycled and plant-based materials, including materials from upcycled phone cases. This is great to hear as there are so many cases available and anything to reduce the waste of old cases is responsible.

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Casetify’s Defensify antimicrobial coating is applied to the Impact Crush cases to eliminate 99% of bacteria. Wireless charging, reverse wireless charging and wireless payment all work perfectly with your S22 Ultra in the case. The edges extend just above the screen, so that the screen is protected when you place your phone on a surface.

Sustainability is a priority for the company and not just a goal. The covers are printed with eco-friendly inks, packaged in 100% recyclable material and have production facilities that use rainwater harvesting, recycling systems and other sustainable practices. Casetify states that more than a billion phone cases are thrown away every year. You can join the ReCastify program and send old phone cases from any brand to receive a 15% discount and help reduce waste.

Custom Phone Case

The Casetify Custom Phone Case is a blank canvas to build on. You can buy it in clear/black, clear/clear or clear/matte black. The second color option specifies the color of the edges around the case while the back is completely clear. A nice aspect of the Casetify website is that you can view the case you’ve designed in the exact color of the S22 Ultra you own, so you can get a good idea of ​​what the end result will be when it arrives.

To customize the case, you can choose the layout/orientation of your font, six different fonts and up to eight characters. There are also 17 different font colors available to choose from, but keep in mind that all characters have the same selected font color. Casetify sent one with my first name in black font.

The back panel of the case is made of clear hardshell material, so that your phone is well protected. The material around the four sides is fairly stiff with a shock-absorbing white strip on the inside and a firm grip on the material. All openings are present and perfectly cut for the microphones, speaker, USB-C port and S Pen. Raised buttons are also available for the volume and power buttons.

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Cassette Black

If you want to go old school and take your new S22 Ultra back to the 70’s and 80’s then the Cassette Black option may be of interest to you. On the back plate is a Sony cassette that is clearly larger than the actual cassette. The inside of the back panel is white and your S22 Ultra is not visible through the back panel of the case.

Edge options include clear, black, and matte black. I tested a black border option that goes well with the black cassette tape design. The sides of the case are well constructed so while the screen on the S22 Ultra protrudes over the edges, using the phone is unaffected by the case.

Mondrian of Poketo

The last one I tried was the Mondrianesque by Poketo style case with clear bezels. It is also available now for $65. The back panel has an interesting design with red, yellow, blue and black colors in different blocks. The back is also transparent, so that the color of your S22 Ultra shows through the case.

The clear edges are not color free as I have seen with other clear cases, but are sprinkled with dots of color all over the depth of the edge material. It looks great, especially with a back panel that also incorporates different colors. The material also has a firm grip to help you hold your S22 Ultra.

The Casetify Impact Crush case collection offers wide customization and personalization options with solid drop protection against standard everyday accidents. The edge material helps you to hold the phone while no feature of the phone is affected by the case. Casetify branding is present around the rear camera array ring, but well done and distinctive for the body brand.

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