Can you play Mario Party Superstars on Switch Lite?

When it was first revealed, many people were confused by the idea of ​​the Switch Lite. What was the point in a Switch that couldn’t, well, switch? As it turned out, this handheld-only version of the popular console became a popular model in its own right. In exchange for not having a docking station or removable Joy-Cons, the lower price made it an even easier purchase for kids and gamers who mostly played on the go. However, many games make use of motion controls which unless you buy a separate pair of Joy-Cons can’t be played with the Switch Lite’s included controls.

super mario party, the previously released Mario Party game featured many minigames that took advantage of the Switch’s motion control capabilities. That left those who just got a Switch Lite out of luck if they wanted to join in on the fun without spending more controllers. Which Mario Party Superstars arrived on the scene, you may be concerned that the game will show the same error. If you have a Switch Lite and are curious if you can play the new one Mario Party Superstars, here’s everything you need to know.

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Can you play Mario Party Superstars on the Switch Lite?

Wario and Yoshi take on Mario and Donkey Kong in Mario Party Superstars' Handcar Havoc minigame.

The short and sweet answer is yes! Luckily nothing can stop you from grabbing Mario Party Superstars and play right away on your Switch Lite, no extra controllers needed. If you have a traditional Switch, then you have can play some of the motion control minigames if you like, but each has an alternate control scheme that uses only the standard buttons and joysticks to play. This makes the game much more accessible not only to Switch Lite owners, but also to those who struggle with motion controls.

Mario Party Superstars contains boards and minigames from throughout the series’ history, so most of the included games aren’t designed to be played with motion controls anyway. You can also play the game online. However, if you want to play locally on your Switch Lite, there’s no getting around getting a second pair of Joy-Cons.

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