Can you legally have sex in Metaverse?


Sex in the metaverse could become as common and “just as enjoyable” as sex in real life, experts say.

In October 2021, Mark Zuckerberg emerged from the depths of scandal armed with a keynote speech of his plans to build the Metaverse. And in a recent interview, Mark Zuckerberg said he thinks people will one day spend most of their time in the metaverse. The virtualization of daily life will require some adaptation and new approaches to common activities, including sex. But is it legal to have sex in the metaverse? As more and more people invite technologies like artificial intelligence, robotics, and the metaverse into their innermost bedrooms and experiences, let’s examine the possibilities as well as the perils this could bring.

More than sex robots

Science fiction creators envisioned a future where human-like sex robots rule the human sexual experience. Nevertheless, sextech is something other than sexbots. Sextech is now a US$30 billion industry, but according to an analyst report, the industry is expected to grow to US$52.7 billion by 2026 with the huge help of online transactions. Organizations are eagerly trying to improve the most captivating products that have an intelligent response to sexual movement to exploit this normal development.

These products truly incorporate sex robots, for example Harmony, a robotic version of a silicone sex toy made by RealDoll, but also app-connected smart vibrators, stimulators and massagers; personalized porn; virtual reality and augmented sexual experiences; and more.

Smart sex toys

Artificial intelligence in sex toys plans to achieve comparative goals as products in other industries – learning from accumulated sensor data to augment and work on the experience as well as personalize it. Also, like in different businesses, organizations that use innovation to make a heavenly product or service will have higher sales. From Lioness, the award-winning brilliant vibrator made by women and referred to as the FitBit for female orgasm, and Osé, an award-winning robotic sex device “designed to mimic the finest types of human touch”, smart sex toys are responsible for incredible innovation.

Sex in the Metaverse

While there are questions regarding the endless results of allowing people to live out whatever sexual fantasy they have via artificial intelligence and what it may or may do to their real life interactions with human partners, the metaverse offers a safe way to explore sexuality? VR sex experiences today are more realistic than ever, and many offer haptics (the feeling of touch). Metaverse technology is growing rapidly creating very real experiences. The sexual experiences available through virtual reality will continue to become more immersive in the future. Many of these VR experiences can also be combined with other online devices.

With this new innovation, those in serious relationships would have to decide new boundaries with each other. Is exploring sex in the metaverse a safe way to experiment, or is it considered cheating? What if you engage in sex with your partner while augmenting reality to make your partner look like someone else? The comfort level and limits of these experiences will need to be discussed between the partners to establish what enhances the relationship rather than harms it.

The pandemic-forced digitization has not only taught that technology is essential for study, work and play, but also for sex. Beyond being a morbid subject, it is part of human life; people had to adapt to confinement, discover new ways to lead their sex life. With the metaverse, instead of sending each other videos, photographs or having a video call for a sexual encounter, people will be able to have relationships through their avatars.

In conclusion, yes it is legal to have sex in the metaverse but with your respective partner because consent is important and if you try to force someone you have to face the consequences in real life.

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