Cake platters being turned into bowls stuns the internet: Life hacks we never knew existed

Shopper can’t believe her eyes after realising her cake platter doubles as a chic bowl: ‘This is life changing’

  • Thousands shocked after realising cake platters can be reassembled into a bowl
  • A woman wowed fans for simply flipping the cake stand and dome upside down
  • Many are calling the new bowl a ‘perfectly sized’ wine or martini glass

Thousands are ‘mind blown’ after realising most cake platters can be rearranged and turned into a bowl.

A TikTok account best known for sharing similar life hacks has gone viral for unveiling this little-known ‘secret’.

‘I did not know that a cake platter can turn into a bowl,’ the video was captioned.

The video showed a woman simply flipping the cake stand and the dome upside down before reassembling them in the shape of a giant bowl. 

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A woman simply flipped the cake stand and the dome upside down before reassembling them into a bowl

Thousands are shocked after realising most cake platters can be rearranged to turn into bowls

The easy trick came as a shock to people all over the world – and those who had owned cake platters for many years couldn’t believe they were only finding out now.

‘I’ve been using my cake platter since I got married 41 years ago,’ said one woman. 

‘Not once did I think to do this! Embarrassing.’

‘My mum used to do this for us growing up,’ shared one man. ‘If there wasn’t cake around, it would be filled with apples.’ 

‘This should be more widely known,’ said another. ‘It looks so versatile!’ 

Some discovered innovative methods to put their newfound knowledge to use.

‘A mega pint of wine,’ said one woman. ‘Surely everyone is thinking of a mega pint of wine?’ 

Another replied, ‘Absolutely. I would never use it for anything else.’

‘I’ve always wanted a comically large martini glass – I guess my prayers have been answered!’

‘It would make the perfect goblet for a boozy brunch.’ 

But others insist that people just need to pay more attention to the box that cake platters are sold in.

‘All boxes tell you this is possible,’ one man said. ‘Does no one know how to read?’

‘It’s for trifles,’ said another. ‘Everyone knows this.’

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