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Someone building the iRobot Create 3
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To celebrate National Robotics Week, iRobot is releasing the Create 3 Kit. It’s an educational robot based on the Roomba’s modern design, minus the ability to vacuum. But hey, it can detect walls and is incredibly customizable.

If you’re wondering why you haven’t heard of the last two Create robots, it’s because iRobot hasn’t launched a new one since 2014. The new Create 3 is a much-needed upgrade, with a follow-up Improved ground optics, wheel controllers, and better IR sensors. There’s also Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and speed detection.

Functionally, the Create 3 is compatible with Python, Ignition Gazebo, and surprisingly, the ROS 2 standard. Roboticists use ROS 2 to create intense robots, so it’s good to see the standard in an educational toy. And as iRobot notes, ROS 2 lets you focus more on a project’s goal than its platform, which newcomers should appreciate. (You can even pair it with a Raspberry Pi!)

iRobot has a ton of learning material on its website, including guides to making the Create 3 glow like a fireplace, playing music, following pre-planned routes, or creating art. More experienced coders can take Create 3 to the next level using robotic arms and other accessories.

The Create 3 robot kit is available now for $300 and comes with a charging station. If you have some coding experience, you can use the Create 3 Simulator to get a feel for how Create 3 works before purchasing it.

Source: iRobot via IEEE Spectrum


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