Brookline brings cheap internet to public housing through Starry

BROOKLINE, MA — The Brookline Housing Authority has partnered with Starry, a fixed wireless technology developer and Internet service provider, to provide low-cost broadband service to more than 900 public and affordable homes.

BHA is Starry’s seventh public housing partner to join its digital equity program, Starry Connect, which allows residents to sign up for fast, unlimited home broadband service without a credit check or signing a long-term contract.

In addition, residents of BHA can opt for the federal government’s Emergency Broadband Benefit program, which provides up to $50 per month in broadband access to eligible households. For residents who sign up for Starry’s service and enroll in the EBB program, that benefit covers the full cost of household broadband service as long as the program remains in effect.

“Internet broadband access is essential, but too many families do without it because it’s too expensive or because they can’t pass a credit check or meet certain eligibility criteria required by other providers,” said Virginia Lam Abrams, Senior Starry’s Vice President of Government Affairs. and strategic progress, in a statement. “We created Starry Connect as a direct response to this issue.

Starry launched its Starry Connect program in Boston in 2018 to address the growing digital divide. In addition to its social housing partners, the company also works with non-profit and private owners of affordable housing, such as RelatedAffordable, Beacon Communities, Schochet Properties, Neighborhood Developers, and many others.

“The Brookline Housing Authority is delighted to partner with Starry and a
affordable broadband internet solution for all residents of BHA,” Michael Alperin, executive director of the Brookline Housing Authority, said in a statement. “The pandemic made it clear
access to quality and affordable internet is a necessity for families and seniors to access social
services, educational opportunities and caregivers.”

Click here to learn more about Starry Connect, to become a Starry Connect partner, or to sign up for the Starry Connect service.

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