Booker T Says The Internet Isn’t Right His Real Name Isn’t Robert

In this week’s “The Hall of Fame with Booker T,” he revealed his official name due to internet controversies and shared which wrestler made him feel like he was having a real fight.

Booker T said his first name is not Robert, despite it appearing so online:

“A lot of people think my name is Robert because of what they see on the internet,” he said. “My real name is Booker T. Huffman Jr.”

“It’s on my birth certificate. I don’t know where Robert Teal Huffman Jr came in. I tell people all the time that I hated my name as a kid. Kids are cruel and they always called me booger, and I got into a fight every day because I should say, ‘My name is Booker, not booger.’

“I thought, ‘When I turn 18, I’ll change my name’ because I couldn’t handle the ridicule of children. When I turned 18, I thought, ‘That’s not such a bad name. I’ll hold on to it.’ Now I look at all those suckers who made fun of me as a kid with my name, Booker T, two-time Hall of Famer, six-time world champion, 35 titles and all that stuff, and still do it. Booker T is a bad, bad man. So the name, it fits.”

Booker was asked which opponent it felt like it was a real match:

“Man, I’ve always said my war with the late Chris Benoit was the toughest fight I’ve ever had in the ring, which almost makes me feel like this isn’t going to get any closer to real than this, ever.”

“In my career, I don’t think it can get any closer.”

You can watch this week’s entire “Hall of Fame” podcast below.

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