Blinkit is offering printouts for Rs 9 per page plus delivery charges. Internet has mixed reactions

Grocery and goods delivery app Blinkit (previously Grofers) has started a printout service in Gurugram. They are charging Rs 9 per page for black and white printing and Rs 19 for the coloured option. By the way, that’s not all. A delivery fee of Rs 25 will also be added to each printing order. Well, if you’re someone who spent their school and college days standing in front of the Xerox wale bhaiya near your house, then this service will simply shock you. But, netizens had mixed opinions about the new service.

The Zomato-owned company’s new service has sparked several reactions. While some welcomed the decision, others were shocked to see the price list. Many expressed that the printing stores in every locality charge Rs 2-3 for both side printing services. This initiated the discussion that the introduction of such services may fail because of the high prices.

We have compiled some of the reactions people had regarding the matter:

We don’t know about you, but our inner Monisha Sarabhai is facepalming hard at this new feature by Blinkit. But if it helps a poor student struggling to finish their project at the last minute, then we think the internet can give this service a clean chit.

What do you think of this? Will you try out this service?

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