Blade & Sorcery U11 update brings a host of gameplay improvements

Blade and sorcery, VR’s favorite melee combat simulation, continues to see regular updates. The game’s next update, U11, appears to be a doozy with the studio planning to add an expanded magic system, stealth mechanics, a graphical overhaul on PC, and more.

Expected in the coming months, the Blade and sorcery The U11 update will bring a host of improvements to the popular game that will expand the way players can play.

Extended magic system

The magic gets a makeover Blade and sorcerystarting with a heavy overhaul of the visual and sound effects for the game’s spells, as the studio noted in a preview earlier this month.

Spells are also getting tweaks (and in some cases new features); Developer Warpfrog says its design goals for the game’s magic system are for Fire to be a “direct damage spell”, Gravity to be a “utilitarian and versatile function” and Lighting to be oriented towards “crowd control”. .

To this end, the Fire spell gains a “merge” ability that allows the player to combine a charge from both hands into a “Kamehameha” style attack called Meteor. Spell sticks also get in on the action; players can now combine their fire spell with a staff to use it to throw fireballs or slam it to the ground to throw homing fireballs.

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Regarding the Gravity Spell, players will now be impacted by their very own Gravity Bubble which can allow them to reach greater heights, especially when combined with the new Gravity Jump feature which provides a boosted jump when the players cast the Gravity spell with both hands on the ground. . Likewise, both hands can be used pointing down to slow down and slide.

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Combining gravity with a staff will allow the wielder to pick up items and swing them around as if weightless, great for using rocks to crush enemies.

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Lighting will also have special moves when combined with a staff; pressing and holding the alt-use button will generate an electric arc that stays in the air for a moment that can stun and maim enemies. Slamming the Lighting Stick on the ground will trigger a shockwave that stuns everyone nearby.

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The studio also teased a brand new “Soul” spell, although it says it likely won’t make it into the game until the U11 update.

Improved stealth, armor system, and more

In February, the studio noted a slew of other features in the pipeline for Blade and sorcery U11 update.

Expanded stealth mechanics will make sneaky playstyles more viable. The AI ​​has been reworked, according to the studio, to more realistically respond to sneaky players. For example, enemies will be alerted to your presence if something is thrown in front of them, if they find a corpse, spot the player holding a torch, or hear the player slam weapons too loudly.

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A new light-based visibility system means players will be able to sneak through dark areas more reliably, especially when crouched. Likewise, bodies hidden in dark areas will be harder for enemies to see.

An armor system is also coming to the game to allow players to equip individual pieces of armor. Players will be able to mix and match various parts, which the studio says will play an important role once the in-game store is released, where players can purchase better armor from earned in-game currency. inventory is also in the works to give players a way to hide loot found in dungeons.

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Player body customization will also improve in U11; the studio says it plans to let players customize their avatar’s faces and skin tones.

Enemy animation improvements are also on the way, though the studio says it’s not yet sure how many of them will arrive in the game. Blade and sorcery U11 update.

“The objective of [animation overhaul] is to make the AI ​​more responsive to defend by parrying, while relying less on back dodge jumps. Enemy attack animations will be improved by replacing derpier attack animations with video captured combat animations that are customized. And finally, some of the dumbest behaviors would be ironed out, like not having AI pushed with an ax, etc. “, writes the studio.

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Graphical redesign on PC

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Blade and sorcery PC gamers will get the extra treatment with the U11 update. According to the latest teaser from the studio, major improvements to environmental visuals are on the way (which won’t be coming to the Quest version of the game).

“One of the biggest changes has been the lighting technology used; in short, everything in the environment now receives dynamic, real-time illumination from a wider variety of light sources. Prior to this change, static objects had their lighting fully ‘prepped’ and only received dynamic lighting from a few sources such as handheld torches,” the studio writes. “In the [U11] updated, static objects receive beautiful dynamic lighting from nearly every light source in the game, including the sun, and the result is much more vibrant and crisp than ever before. To maintain high performance, most shadows are still embedded and static. »

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Beyond the lighting improvements, significant work has been done to improve the look of brick and stone in-game. Players will see a lot more geometric detail in the game’s masonry, and the studio notes that “these are individual bricks that are true 3D and can be interacted with, bumped into, climbed over, etc.”

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And for those worried about performance, the studio says it’s taken extra care with graphical improvements, writing that “everything reworked is significantly more optimized than older versions.” Hopefully that means similar levels of performance as before despite the visual improvements.

What we know about the Blade & Sorcery U11 release date

Studio Warpfrog has yet to commit to a firm release date for U11, although they previously set a goal for it to launch by the end of Q1. It’s… today, and the update isn’t here yet, which means it’s moved into Q2. The studio has scheduled its next major update (U12) for Q3, so we’ll apparently see U11 drop in the next three months.

And it could be sooner rather than later; as of now, the studio says it’s close to moving into bug testing, one of the last steps before finalizing the U11 update for public release.

Warpfrog has previously stated that the updates are likely to hit the PC first and then come to the Quest version of the game, Blade and Sorcery: Nomadin the following months.

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