Bitgert is the next Solana

by Analytics Insight
March 28, 2022

Bitgert Is The Next Solana - Says Crypto Community

The crypto community has said that Bitgert (BRISE) will be the killer for a lot of crypto projects. This is after the Bitgert team launched one of the most powerful blockchains in the industry. In fact, the Bitgert BRC20 chain is said to be the most disruptive blockchain in the industry.

But why is the crypto community saying Bitgert is the next Solana? Well, a number of factors lead the crypto community to believe that the Bitgert chain is arguably the most sought-after blockchain in the industry this year. Read more below:


The Bitgert crypto project would be the next Solana immediately after the project released its roadmap. But it is, after building and launching its blockchain, Bitgert has overtaken Solana as the fastest chain. In addition, the Bitgert BRC20 blockchain has the lowest gas fee after the team successfully implemented a zero gas fee mechanism.

The main drivers of the Solana adoption were the fastest chain and cheaper gas fee, both of which have been overtaken by the Bitgert blockchain. While the Solana chain may be made faster, it may not reach the Bitgert chain’s zero gas fee.

In addition, the Solana chain has about 350 projects in the chain so far, and the Bitgert team is launching more than 100 new projects in the next 30 days. Bitgert may have over 1000 new projects in the next 365 days. These are all reasons why the crypto community believes Bitgert is the next Solana.


Bitgert is already doing well, and the next project that will excite the crypto community is Centcex. This is a project that is already doing very well in the market and it shows in the price increase. In recent weeks, Centcex recorded a price increase of more than 200%. There are several things that attract investors to the centcex project, and the anticipated massive project is one of them.

The Centcex team has pledged to build the largest ecosystem by bringing an unlimited number of products to this ecosystem. This means that the Centcex utility can rival even the biggest cryptocurrencies in the industry, including Bitgert. Centcex is a project that may experience mass adoption as millions of blockchain users will come for various crypto applications.


Solana is so popular in the market because of the fastest chain in the industry and low gas price. But this has been overtaken by Bitgert, which is now a faster chain than Solana and has the lowest gas fee in the industry. This is currently the biggest challenge Solana is working on as demand for the chain could drop with the arrival of the Bitgert chain.

But the Solana team is also building more products in its chain and adding more projects to the network. That’s why Solana Riptide is one of the big programs that the team has been working on lately. The program is expected to bring hundreds of projects to the Solana chain.

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