Best Internet Service Provider in Detroit

Detroit has 4.3 million inhabitants in the metropolitan area, making it one of the largest urban areas in the country. This is good news for you if you are looking for an Internet Service Provider (ISP) as there are many providers serving the area. You can find a wide range of plans available for fiber optic, cable, DSL, and satellite connections, similar to other major cities in the United States. Finding your best ISP in Detroit involves taking several factors into account. We’ll go over the top Detroit ISPs here and suggest the options that might work best for a variety of users.

Here are the best internet providers in Detroit in summary:


Comcast (Xfinity)


Definition trait

Best customer service

The widest range of packages

Best satellite

Connection type

DSL and fiber (partial fiber coverage)



Download speeds (Mbps)

Up to 100 Mbps (DSL); up to 940Mbps (fiber)

Up to 1000 Mbps

Up to 25 Mbps

Price from

40 $

$ 39.99

$ 59.99

The duration of the contract

12 months

12 months


Date no

Unlimited (DSL); 1 TB (fiber)

1 TB

Depends on the plan

Best customer service

AT&T fiber


AT&T has extensive coverage via DSL and, in some areas, fiber optics. If you have a telephone connection, you will be able to access the company’s DSL network. AT & T’s fiber optic network also includes parts of detroit – you will need to find out if your address is covered by speak to a customer service representative or by entering your full address in line.

AT&T scores well above average in the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) rankings, with 69 points – that’s a good sign in an industry not known for its stellar customer service. He also gets good results with JD Powers, coming in very close second in the organization’s 2019 U.S. Residential Internet Service Provider Satisfaction Survey List.

AT&T has great introductory prices that you can lock in for a year. While it is common for most ISPs to increase prices after launch periods, AT&T prices increase quite significantly. Plus, the company doesn’t include some additional fees, from equipment rentals to taxes, which can make you feel like you’re spot on.


  • Price: $ 40 – $ 79.99 (introductory price, one year contract)
  • Speed ​​and data: download speeds from 25 to 940 Mbps; 1TB data capacity (fiber), unlimited DSL
  • Packages / Packages: Fiber optic Internet + TV / Telephone / Wireless, 1 TB data cap, $ 40 / month
  • Contract options: one year

The widest range of packages

Comcast Xfinity

With six basic internet packages, including a fast 1000 Mbps option, as well as the ability to bundle your choice of Xfinity TV, Xfinity Voice, and two home security options, you’ll be able to customize a plan that best suits your needs. Xfinity’s prices are also reasonable, however, as with most ISPs, your rates increase after your one-year commitment ends.

Xfinity customer service is average. He scores 61 on the ACSI staircase, one point below the industry average of 62, and names Xfinity as a “big name in need of a big improvement” in its Customer Service Buying Guide. That said, if you need a fast connection for gaming, HD streaming, or video conferencing, Xfinity is a great choice. In fact, classifies Xfinity as the fastest internet provider in the United States for 2018.


  • Price: 20 $ – 80 $
  • Speed ​​and data: download speeds of 25 to 1000 Mbps
  • Packages / Packages: Starter package with 25 Mbps for $ 20 the first year; $ 53 thereafter (a $ 10 rebate for automatic payment brings it to $ 43); includes free self-installation kit and Flex 4K streaming device, plus voice remote control
  • Contract options: one year

Better satellite options



A satellite internet connection will never outperform high-tech options like fiber optic, but if you’re in an area that doesn’t have broadband access, it can save your life. HughesNet Gen5 satellite network is available all over the United States, and the company offers four no-frills internet packages with a two-year contract duration – twice as long as our other top picks. It doesn’t cost you much with additional fees, and sometimes you’ll see a tempting introductory rate if you’re a new customer.

All plans come with built-in WiFi service and an additional 50 GB of data bonus per month. The trap ? You must use overtime during off-peak hours from 2 to 8 hours. On the bright side, according to the FCC, HughesNet is modest in its speed claims: A 2018 FCC report on broadband performance in the United States showed that HughesNet was almost delivering twice the download bandwidth as he announced.


  • Price: $ 59.99 – 149.99
  • Speed ​​and data: download speeds up to 25 Mbps
  • Plans / plans: ranging from 10 GB to 50 GB of data, with an additional 50 GB bonus package, but for only a few hours per day
  • Contract options: 2 years

How we found the best internet providers in Detroit

We spent a lot of time scouring ISP websites to find data for this report. We also looked at ISP rankings with federal and nonprofit organizations, and looked at consumer reviews from the BBB and other watch groups.

  • Blanket. We were looking for the most saturated providers in the city, and therefore accessible to most residents of Detroit and its suburbs. AT&T DSL was the winner here, although our other picks also work for most addresses in Detroit. Fiber optics are still scarce across the country, which was true in Detroit, but AT & T’s fiber optic network includes parts of Detroit. HughesNet provides stable, always-on satellite coverage, if not available, at the highest speeds for those on the outskirts of town or in more rural areas.
  • Value. Of course, you want to pay as little as possible for your Internet access, and that can be a tricky proposition. Many ISPs charge a tempting introductory price and then charge you smaller but still significant installation, equipment rental, and taxes fees. The introductory rate is also likely to wane after your first year. Xfinity has given us the widest range, but your rates will vary depending on your needs and the plan you choose. One point to remember: speed costs more. If, like many people, you use the internet primarily to check email, analyze social media, and occasionally watch specials on Netflix, you can usually get by with a low-end plan.
  • Client satisfaction. We review customer satisfaction ratings for the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) and JD Power. The caveat here is that ISPs, as a whole, have pretty dismal ratings for customer service. Consumer Reports ranks industry near the bottom of its Customer Service Assessment List. The internet is rife with stories of customers waiting for hours or forced to deal with surly reps. By looking at the rankings, we rated each company against industry averages. Our picks were all at the top of most lists (although HughesNet, being a small business, didn’t get as widely rated).

How do I connect to the Internet in Detroit?

You’ll want to do your homework – start by reading our coverage of the best internet service providers in Detroit. Think about how you use the internet, and this will give you a good idea of ​​which plan is right for you.

If you are not sure, consult our table of what constitutes light, medium and heavy Internet use.

Why is download speed important?

Most people download files – from movies to large photos – more than they download, so download speed is a good indicator of your overall connection speed. Also, for most home internet setups the download speed is considerably faster than the upload speed, so ISPs like this as an indicator of the quality of their network.

Who has the cheapest internet in Detroit?

Of the Detroit ISPs we looked at, Comcast Xfinity had the cheapest rate at $ 20 for 20 Mbps for the first year. Your rate will depend on how you use the Internet.

If you’re a heavy multiplayer or spend your evenings watching Netflix HD videos, you’ll pay more – probably triple digits – for the speed you need.

Can I set up an Internet connection by myself?

Yes, most ISPs offer an auto-installation kit if you get DSL or cable installation and the wiring is already available in your home. If you opt for a fiber optic connection or don’t have phone or cable wires in your home, you’ll need professional installation, which can cost up to $ 125.

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