Beat Saber multiplayer guide: How to play with friends on PS4, Oculus and PC

The Beat Saber VR game can now be played with friends, here’s how to get started with Beat Saber multiplayer on PS4, PC and Oculus.

Beat Saber is a VR game that lets players rhythmically wield lightsabers to the beat of music while slicing blocks. Now Beat Saber has a multiplayer mode, allowing a group of people to embrace their inner musical Jedi together. Although it is worth pointing out that Beat Saber is not affiliated with Star Wars.

In multiplayer and single player Beat Saber, blocks rush towards you and must be cut to the beat of the beat. Players who successfully time their strikes on a given lane will score the most points.


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Beat Saber is reason enough for many to buy a VR headset

Does Beat Saber include multiplayer?

Beat Saber was originally a single-player VR experience, but the game’s multiplayer potential was immediately apparent.

An update added multiplayer to Beat Saber, allowing up to 5 players to compare skills. The update also replaced the game’s first-person view with a new third-person angle. It also allows you to create and control your own customizable avatar.

How to Set Up Beat Saber Multiplayer

From the game’s main menu, select Online Mode, and Beat Saber will then allow you to create your avatar. The customization options aren’t extensive, but they’re enough to create a colorful, saber-wielding version of yourself.

Once you are happy with your avatar, you will then need to select your difficulty level. This determines how fast blocks come towards you and other players. Remember that you are all competing against each other, the difficulty simply dictates the intensity of the gameplay for everyone.

Then you will have to select the music tracks that you will get. You can select “Built-in” or “All”. The “Integrated” option includes all tracks featured in the base game. However, “All” includes all tracks added to the base game and those added in third-party versions.

Some players will own all of the tracks while others will only have the ones that come with Beat Saber. If you or any of your playmates do not have a specific lead, they will have to sit out that round in spectator mode.

Therefore, if you want to ensure that all players are included in every round, select the “Integrated” option.

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Beat Saber avatars aren’t brilliant but they work.

Join an online game

Once you’ve selected your avatar, difficulty, and music, it’s time to join a game in Beat Saber multiplayer mode. You will be added to the game lobby where you and other players will have to vote on the chosen track.

Naturally, vote for the tracks you know best for the best chance of winning. Remember though that your competitors will do the same. Once the music is selected (or the timer runs out), you will then enter the round – and may the best Beat Saber win.

beat saber 5 avatars
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5 players prepare to cut blocks.

Tips for Winning in Beat Saber Multiplayer

Don’t worry about what your opponents do once the blocks start flying, just treat it like a solo round. Focus on the blocks coming your way, the pace, and your timing for the best chance of winning.

You will be able to see your score, as well as the scores of other players, but paying too much attention to it will distract you. Remember that blocks fly in a predictable pattern based on track and difficulty.

Over time, your muscle memory and ability to move with the music will give you the upper hand. It is practice makes perfect.

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