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The real focus of these resources is to inspire students – letting them use their creative technical skills to generate digital content about the climate crisis…Things like stop motion animations, posters and videos using apps and applications like Canva.

With this, students make their promises to the planet – focusing on specific things they will do to tackle the climate crisis, all with the aim of convincing others to think and act. It’s all about working together to tackle the climate crisis.

How did the project come about?

The aim was to develop students’ digital skills and thereby align with COP26… To make students think climate change and on how to communicate their ideas using a variety of technical tools. So, really, it’s a double whammy, a win-win.

We develop critical digital skills and spread the message that we must all act together to tackle the climate crisis.

How motivated and enthusiastic are the young people themselves? Was it a tough sale?

No, it certainly wasn’t. Their appetite was whetted, they are aware of climate change. But part of the resource is to give them the time and opportunity to pursue their curiosity… to really find out and understand [the challenge]. Curiosity is a wonderful thing, but you cannot be curious about something you know nothing about.

What are the outputs of the project? Will the work only exist within individual schools or are you hoping for a bigger and broader impact?

We have planned different outputs at different levels. At the classroom level, students are going to make their promises for the digital planet, but we want them to share them with – and across – their wider school communities, so we’re providing schools with resources to hold their own Climate Champions conference to coincide with COP26. We would also like schools to share their work with us on Twitter @BarefootComp or Instagram @barefootcomputing.

Will the project end with COP26 or will it have a life after the event?

We are still developing the project. But yes, we schedule roundtables and discussions with students – it’s about students sharing their voice and what they’ve done, what’s important to them, what’s important to them and what they’ve discovered.

The ultimate goal – which we are still putting together – is for students to share their work, ideas and discoveries with people from the business world and perhaps down to the policy level.

And finally, what projects does Barefoot have in store?

We are currently working on a resource that showcases the wide diversity of possibilities in the computing and technology sector that we hope to launch soon, and we are planning more of our popular ‘Barefoot Live’ events where teachers will beam into the Barefoot team . their classrooms. Visit for more information

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