Bandai Namco appears to be remastering a “3D action game” for Nintendo

What could it be?

Pac-Man, as seen in Super Smash Bros.  Ultimate (2018)
Image: Nintendo, Bandai Namco

Bandai Namco – the Japanese company behind series like tekken and Pac man – seems to have a new project in the works, contracted by Nintendo.

According to several job postings on Bandai Namco’s Japanese website (via ResetEra), it’s said to be a remaster/remake of a Nintendo “3D action game”. Bandai Namco is currently looking for planners to get the project up and running as well as visual artists to do an “HD remastering” of the 3D backgrounds.

Here’s a rough Google translation of one of those job descriptions:

“As a visual artist for a 3D action game project on a Nintendo contract, you will be required to perform an HD remaster of the 3D background.”

Bandai Namco has helped Nintendo with all sorts of games in the past. One of the highlights of the Switch generation so far has been Super Smash Bros Ultimate – featuring characters like Pac-Man and Kazuya.

Which Nintendo 3D action game do you think Bandai Namco could bring back to life? Leave a comment below.



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