Back 4 Blood’s “Bar Room Blitz” level brings me to life

Four people stand in front of a barricaded door holding weapons in Back 4 Blood.

Picture: Turtle Rock

Confession time: I never played Left for dead. I’m obviously aware of what Valve’s iconic shooter is all about – teaming up with friends and shooting zombies – and that a ton of gamers sucked it in like zombies feasting on brain miasma. Yet despite the ubiquity of the game, I just never made it. it happens sometimes ! Can you blame me?

Over the past few days I have dabbled with his spiritual successor, Back 4 Blood, which released for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox earlier this week. (It’s also available through Game Pass.) My understanding is that the games are very, very similar, which makes sense considering that Back 4 Blood is developed by Turtle Rock, the folks who made the original Left for dead.

Guys, I think I understand now. The formula – team up with friends and shoot zombies – absolutely rocks.

having played Back 4 Blood‘s beta in August, I kinda knew what to expect. But it was playing “Bar Room Blitz” level this week that crystallized for me how cool these zombie destruction games can be. Located halfway through the first act, the principle of the level is simple: you hide in a bar. You start a jukebox. Zombies are invading your position. If they reach the jukebox, the music stops, then you have to restart it. Your goal is to defend the jukebox until the song can be played to the end. Next, an armored jeep appears, allowing you to escape.

A few days ago I hiked the level with Kotakuby Zack Zweizen. Our jukebox played “Black betty”By Spiderbait, just the absolutely perfect song for killing zombies. We both noticed how perfect the melody was right now, the perfect soundtrack to take down hundreds of zombies. I vividly remember saying something that felt like I was in the land of zombies Where 28 days later.

I had no idea that “Black Betty” was one of the many songs that can appear during this scene. Apparently you can get other riff-rich iconic tracks as well, like “Tick Tick Boom” by The Hives, “Rusty Cage” by Johnny Cash, “All Hell Breaks Loose” by Misfits and the roaring “Ace of Spades” by Motorhead. (Some kind souls have tinkered with jukebox offerings in various Spotity playlists.) Reading the full setlist, yes, each is as suited to the situation as “Black Betty”. I intend to play several times in the level to see what songs I get.

I’ve played a lot of zombie games that capture the lightning-fast frenzy of a good zombie movie, but never felt like I was legit in one, not like I did with Back 4 Blood“Bar Room Blitz” level. That alone is enough to keep me coming back 4 more.

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