Baby elephant refuses to sleep in the cutest video on the internet

As children, none of us preferred to go to bed early. While some must have gone to sleep after being verbally abused, many would have protested their bedtime. If you fall into the second category, chances are you’ll recognize yourself in this video of a baby elephant named Kinyei. The clip takes you back in memory to relive your childhood. Sheldrick Wildlife Trust described the entire incident in one of their latest Instagram posts. Posting the super cute video, in the caption, the Trust spoke wittily about the elephant’s antics. Authorities said Kinyei was simply not ready to go to sleep. Even though she’s had her evening milk bottles, her best friends are sitting next to her, all around her, the nursery is quieting down, but the mail went on, the happy girl saw her chance to protest bedtime and tries to climb through.

Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, further down in the post, explained more about how this elephant was rescued. “We found out that Kinyei’s story began three years ago. A group on a game drive saw a newborn elephant wandering aimlessly, all alone. She was very close to a pride of lions and could have become very easy prey. Fortunately, fate intervened, and little Kinyei now brightens us up every day,” the message read.

Watch the video:

Since the post was shared about nine hours ago, it has already racked up over 55,000 likes and continues to grow. Netizens have also dropped several reactions to the adorable video. “She’s my foster baby,” one user wrote, while another said, “She’s just in a crazy, crazy mood.” “The beautiful Kinyei wants to play, even if it is after her bedtime,” wrote a third. Some even wanted to be there to play with her.

What’s your take on the video?

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