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Your target customers may discover your website through ads, searches, word of mouth, or offline channels like direct mail or events, but when they arrive, 99% of them usually browse your homepage and bounce back.

The fastest growing businesses show every visitor the most relevant content to immediately signal that they are relevant and deserve further investigation.

While there are hundreds of ways to customize and optimize your website, it can be difficult to know what to focus on and when when looking for maximum impact. After years of experience in website personalization, we’ve rounded up some unexpected, yet effective and scalable tactics from some of the fastest growing companies.

If you execute these 10 tactics well, we’re sure they’ll help you grow taller faster and look really, really smart while doing it.

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Promote the right content to the right people

You spend a lot of time creating content for your customers, but they usually have a hard time discovering the content that is relevant to them. Consider adding a custom banner that presents the right content to the right visitor.

Banners are a great way to capture the attention of target accounts during the evaluation phase. And banners promoting white papers or links to analyst reports are relatively quick and easy to implement.

When creating your banner content, make sure the banner copy is short and clear – a short, crisp phrase that generates interest. Your CTA should be strong and actionable and tell the visitor what they’ll get.

sample custom landing page

Image credits: Ryan narod

Invite prospects to an event with their peers

Building a peer group focused on solving common challenges is a powerful event tactic we’ve used. We’ve also seen it used by companies like Segment.

Create a personalized event invitation that relates to the vertical industry or use case of your target account. The component should lead to a landing page for a recurring event like a weekly webinar or a major event.

Kyriba achieved a click-through rate of 2.2% with this tactic. For a typical B2B website with around 50,000 visitors per month, that’s 1,100 target account engagements with just an hour of effort. Image credits: Ryan narod

Take advantage of your prospect’s competitors

We’re going to take some risks and assume that no matter what activity you’re in, you pay close attention to your competitor’s movements. Here’s another crazy idea: The same goes for your target accounts.

Use this inherent drama to create personalized banners that lead to a case study showing target accounts how their competitor is using your product. While implementing this can be fairly straightforward, it will still take a bit of work to create the competitor case study for each target account vertical.

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