Best ISP in Las Vegas 2021: Top ISPs

Las Vegas is a city full of luxuries and conveniences, but surprisingly the internet isn’t always one of them. Many of the region’s most popular Internet service providers, such as AT&T and Comcast, do not offer high-speed Internet service in most of Las Vegas. This can make finding reliable internet a challenge. Fortunately, we’ve done … Read more

Into the depths: Chinese chipmaking starts race for rival Nvidia

Chinese venture capital is pouring into next-generation microprocessor development as Chinese startups race to challenge the dominance of US chip maker Nvidia Corp. Investments in the new generation of General Purpose Graphics Processing Units (GPGPUs), an advanced type of computer chips, have boomed as venture capital is committed to China’s growing industry. While traditional graphics … Read more

India to host first Internet Governance Forum in October

Image source: ANI Internet Governance Forum will be scheduled over three days, starting October 20 India will host the first Internet Governance Forum in the country which will be scheduled for three days, starting October 20 this year. The Ministry of Electronics and Information and Technology informed on Monday of the development of the situation. … Read more

Program expands the number of people eligible for housing assistance – WSOC TV

The Community Heroes Program in Charlotte provides grants to local teachers and first responders so they can find affordable housing. [FAQ: Community Heroes Program] Now, city officials have broadened the reach of those who qualify for help. 9 Surveys have pointed to the Community Heroes program in 2020 before the pandemic hit the country hard, … Read more